•  ​Wisconsin State Fair
  • The Milwaukee Comedy Fest​ival
  • Fame Midwest Comedy Contest

​           1st place

  • Hottest Comic in Dallas


  • Funniest Comic in Racine

​           ​2nd place 


Damon Millard is a raw and brutally honest stand-up comedian. He tackles some dark and touchy subjects. He asks some of the biggest questions: why are we here, what does it mean to exist, and why am I getting fat? From his humble poverty-stricken roots, to the insanity of modern life in New York City, Damon hits all the stops on the roller coaster of his life. His performance is a fearless, high-energy retelling of run ins with the law, failed relationships, and struggle with drugs. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes crude, but never superficial; Damon is a powerful comedic voice who actually has something to say. 

Damon now lives a nomadic, bohemian lifestyle. He is currently based out of New York City but spends most of time traveling and performing all over the country. Damon began performing comedy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2009 and he recently returned there to record his debut, full-length album, Shame, Pain, And Love. The album was signed to a major comedy label, Comedy Dynamics and is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and streaming on Spotify and Sirius XM. He created and hosts a wildly popular web series, The Low-Budget Show, writes unsellable greeting cards like, “Hey, sorry I gave you an STD”, and is currently ducking child support payments and considering faking his own death, or actually killing himself, he’s still weighing the pros and cons. 

  • ​​​Madhouse Comedy Club 
  • American Comedy Co.
  • Laugh Factory (Chicago)



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