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Binghamton, NY:  Sept 19, 2016 —Comedian and Binghamton Native, Damon Millard is returning to his hometown to celebrate the nation-wide release of Shame, Pain, And Love, the artist’s debut comedy album. The album release celebration will take place Saturday Nov. 12th at The Relief Pitcher on Binghamton’s south side. Along with a hilarious stand-up comedy show, Millard will be selling and signing physical copies of his CD. Organizers are expecting a large turnout. When the event was first announced online damonmillardcomedy.com was flooded with emails asking for more details about the up-coming event.

The show is partially sponsored by Comedy Dynamics, the largest distributor of comedy specials in North America. Comedy Dynamics has produced the popular new series on History, Join Or Die with Craig Furguson, MTV2’s Wild ‘N On Tour, Coming To The Stage, and has worked with a wide range of established and emerging comedic talent including Kevin Hart, Louis C.K.,  Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, and Kat Williams. 

Doors open at 7pm, where attendees can mingle and order food ahead of the show which is slated to start at 8pm. Along with headlining act Damon Millard, the show will feature another Binghamton-native comedian, Jim Search, who currently lives and performs regularly in New York City and will be hosted by a fresh face and up-and-coming nationally-touring comedian Shawn Shelnut from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (comedians’ bios found below).  Seating is limited and tickets to the show are now available for $10 when purchased in advanced, or $15 the night of the event, if seating still remains.  To purchase tickets online www.damonmillardcomedy.com/shows.html

The long-awaited debut stand up comedy album from Damon Millard was officially released on July 8th on The Comedy Dynamics label to adoring and die-hard fans. Those in search of deep thoughts and good laughs can get a copy of the album digitally via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and other digital downloading sites, as well as hear it streaming on Sirius XM radio, Pandora, and Spotify. A physical copy of the CD with the packaging and lining notes can be purchased on the artist’s website www.damonmillardcomedy.com/album.html.  

The album, “Shame, Pain and Love” was recorded live over two sold-out nights in February 2016 at The Underground Collaborative in Milwaukee, WI. The album is a fine-crafted hour of hilarious stories from Millard’s life with bits that Damon has perfected over the past six and a half years of performing comedy. 

Damon Millard is a raw and brutally honest stand-up comedian. He tackles some dark and touchy subjects. He asks some of the biggest questions: why are we here, what does it mean to exist, and why am I getting fat? From his humble poverty-stricken roots, to the insanity of modern life in New York City, Damon hits all the stops on the roller coaster of his life. His performance is a fearless, high-energy retelling of run ins with the law, failed relationships, and struggle with drugs. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes crude, but never superficial; Damon is a powerful comedic voice who actually has something to say.  

Damon now lives a nomadic, bohemian lifestyle. He is currently based out of New York City but spends most of time traveling and performing all over the country. Damon began performing comedy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2009 and he recently returned there to record his debut, full-length album, Shame, Pain, And Love. The album was signed to a major comedy label, Comedy Dynamics and is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and streaming on Spotify and Sirius XM. He created and hosts a wildly popular web series, The Low-Budget Show, writes unsellable greeting cards like, “Hey, sorry I gave you an STD”, and is currently ducking child support payments and considering faking his own death, or actually killing himself, he’s still weighing the pros and cons.

Jim Search is a comedian, writer and producer. Born and raised in Binghamton, NY now residing in Brooklyn, NY, he started pursuing a career in comedy in the New York City circuit in 2010. After cutting his teeth at bar shows, open mics and making guest appearances at clubs he made it to the semi-finals in NBC's "Stand Up For Diversity" in 2011. Following this, he continued to see success in appearing in the Milwaukee Comedy Festival in 2011 as well as the Hoboken Comedy Festival in 2014 and the Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2015.
In addition to performing at comedy clubs across the country, he is working on a Web Series called "Working Class", writing sketches and a co-host of the podcast "Swatches And Boomboxes".

Shawn has been writing and performing sketch, improv and stand-up comedy since 2011. He continues to branch out and has featured at comedy clubs all across the country. Shawn spends his summers performing in a comedy act at The Bristol Renaissance Faire as part of the Vegetable Justice team. 
Shawn recently had the honor to perform at Summeriest, the world’s largest music festival in July 2016. He continues to perform across the country bringing his unique stories and jokes to audiences wherever he can. 
Shawn’s material comes from his real life; from the time he spent in the United States military in Iraq in 2003-2004, undergrad and graduate school, mental illness, working with children, being awkward, the stupidity he hears and sees on a daily basis, and the imaginary scenarios all help shape his personal distinct comedy voice.